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ChatGPT Prompting Essentials for Business Users




1.5 Hrs

About the Course

Learning Objectives
- Comprehend the basics of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their utility in diverse business scenarios.
- Apply different types of prompts to optimize the outcomes in your business tasks.
- Demonstrate the ability to combine various prompting techniques for effective communication with LLMs.
- Critically evaluate AI outputs for quality and refine them using advanced prompting strategies.
- Develop strategies to collaborate effectively with AI, leveraging its strengths to enhance productivity, communication, personal and professional growth, and creativity.
- Exhibit understanding and adherence to data privacy and ethical considerations while interacting with AI.

Delivery Type

Self e-Learning


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)

  • Overview of LLMs (ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, Google Bard)

  • Strengths and Limitations of LLMs

  • Use cases and Applications in Business Settings

Module 3: Basics of Prompting and Experimentation

  • Open-ended, Specific, and Goal-oriented Prompts

  • Good vs. Bad Prompts: How to Think Like a Bot

  • Combining Prompt Techniques

  • Hands-on Experimentation with Basic Use Cases 

  • Prompt Settings and Model Tuning

Module 4: Formatting and Iterative Refining of Prompts

  • Setting the Tone and Voice of Your Responses

  • Defining Formats for Your Responses

  • Iterative Refining of Prompts

Module 5: Advanced Prompting Techniques

  • Introduction to Zero-shot, Few-shot, and Chain of Thought Prompting

  • Role-playing for Specialized Responses

  • Making Prompts Dynamic with Variable Inputs

  • Discovery-based and Mega-prompting

Module 6: A Day in the Life of a Business User Collaborating with LLMs

  • Enhancing Productivity

  • Powering Communication

  • Igniting Personal and Professional Growth

  • Initiating Projects

  • Sparking Creativity

Module 7: Wrap-up

  • Ethics, Bias, and Future of AI

  • Summary

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