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Duet AI in Google Cloud: An Introduction to AI-Powered Assistance

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Google has introduced Duet AI, a new feature aimed at enhancing user interaction on Google Cloud. As it stands in its preview phase, Duet AI presents a range of features driven by Google's AI framework.

Key Features of Duet AI

1. Conversational Interface: Duet AI offers a natural language chat interface. It is designed to address queries about cloud operations and provide coding guidance, with its training based on Google Cloud’s docs, sample codes, and best practices.

2. Code Assistance: Duet AI provides coding support by aiding in real-time code writing and can generate code segments from user comments. The tool is compatible with multiple programming languages, and its integration spans various IDEs, including Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IntelliJ.

3. Intellectual Property Safeguards: Duet AI has measures in place to ensure that user data, codes, and recommendations aren't used for other product developments. This highlights Google's stance on user data privacy.

4. Managed Service: Duet AI is a managed service, implying regular updates and monitoring. It aims to allow users, even those unfamiliar with AI, to utilize the tool without an extensive learning curve.

5. Safety Protocols: Upholding Google’s AI principles, Duet AI comes with certifications in several areas including Information Security Management and Privacy Information Management.

Potential Uses of Duet AI

Duet AI has been designed for a range of applications:

- Development support

- Operations guidance

- Data analysis

- Data science tasks

- Database management

- Security management

- Interoperability assistance

Accessing Duet AI

Google is currently offering Duet AI in its preview phase, allowing users to test the feature without any associated costs.

Pricing Details

Although Duet AI is free in its preview stage, Google provides a pricing calculator for users to gauge potential future costs. There's also an option to get a custom quote based on specific needs.


Duet AI in Google Cloud represents Google's foray into enhancing user experience with AI-driven features. As with all tools, its efficacy and utility will be determined by user adoption and feedback. Those interested can explore the preview program to gauge its relevance to their needs.

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