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ChatGPT Prompting Essentials for Business Users

(Prompt Engineering Foundation, No Coding Experience Reqd.)

Take advantage of  this comprehensive course tailor-made for business users looking to integrate AI capabilities in their day-to-day work. Learn to craft and apply effective prompts, critically evaluate AI outputs, and collaborate effectively with AI to apply to everyday tasks.  Upon completion of this course and successfully passing the online exam, you will earn the prestigious 'Prompt Engineering Business Professional certificate.

Learning Objectives

  1. Comprehend the basics of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their utility in diverse business scenarios.

  2. Apply different types of prompts to optimize the outcomes in your business tasks.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to combine various prompting techniques for effective communication with LLMs.

  4. Critically evaluate AI outputs for quality and refine them using advanced prompting strategies.

  5. Develop strategies to collaborate effectively with AI, leveraging its strengths to enhance productivity, communication, personal and professional growth, and creativity.

  6. Exhibit understanding and adherence to data privacy and ethical considerations while interacting with AI.


Module 1: Introduction


Module 2: Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)

  • Overview of LLMs (ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, Google Bard)

  • Strengths and Limitations of LLMs

  • Use cases and Applications in Business Settings

Module 3: Basics of Prompting and Experimentation

  • Open-ended, Specific, and Goal-oriented Prompts

  • Good vs. Bad Prompts: How to Think Like a Bot

  • Combining Prompt Techniques

  • Hands-on Experimentation with Basic Use Cases 

  • Prompt Settings and Model Tuning

Module 4: Formatting and Iterative Refining of Prompts

  • Setting the Tone and Voice of Your Responses

  • Defining Formats for Your Responses

  • Iterative Refining of Prompts


Module 5: Advanced Prompting Techniques

  • Introduction to Zero-shot, Few-shot, and Chain of Thought Prompting

  • Role-playing for Specialized Responses

  • Making Prompts Dynamic with Variable Inputs

  • Discovery-based and Mega-prompting

Module 6: A Day in the Life of a Business User Collaborating with LLMs

  • Enhancing Productivity

  • Powering Communication

  • Igniting Personal and Professional Growth

  • Initiating Projects

  • Sparking Creativity

Module 7: Wrap-up

  • Ethics, Bias, and Future of AI

  • Summary

Course 2: Advanced Prompt Engineering 

Coming soon


Module 1: Introduction to Large Language Models

Sub-module 1.1: Overview of Large Language Models (ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, Google Bard)

Sub-module 1.2: Limitations and Strengths of LLMs

Module 2: Basics of Prompting and Experimentation

Sub-module 2.1: Good vs. Bad Prompts: How to Think Like a Bot

Sub-module 2.2: Hands-on Experimentation with Basic Use Cases (Questions, Content Generation, Summarization)

Module 3: Advanced Prompting Techniques

Sub-module 3.1: Training LLMs in Your Bio and Writing Style

Sub-module 3.2: Formatting Output and Using Examples

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