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ChatGPT Prompting Essentials for Business Users

Available for free for a limited time! (Actual Price $75) Take advantage of this comprehensive course, tailor-made for professionals looking to integrate AI capabilities in their day-to-day work. Learn to craft and apply effective prompts, critically evaluate AI outputs, and collaborate effectively with AI. Upon completion of this course and successfully passing the online exam, you will earn the prestigious 'Prompt Engineering Business Professional Certificate.' Duration: 2 hours Target Audience: Business professionals, team leaders, project managers, & individuals interested in leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) to enhance productivity & innovation in their work processes. Learning Objectives: - Comprehend the basics of Large Language Models (LLMs) & their utility in diverse business scenarios. - Apply different types of prompts (open-ended, specific, & goal-oriented) to optimize the outcomes in your business tasks. - Demonstrate the ability to combine various prompting techniques for effective communication with LLMs. - Critically evaluate AI outputs for quality & refine them using advanced prompting strategies. - Develop strategies to collaborate effectively with AI, leveraging its strengths to enhance productivity, communication, personal & professional growth, and creativity. - Exhibit understanding & adherence to data privacy & ethical considerations while interacting with AI. Take a step towards being ready for the world of AI!

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